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We create high-end design for print, web and motion 


Whether you require a poster, leaflet, business card, brochure, magazine or a product packed catalogue, our award-winning designers ensure that quality in design and production are first class.

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With over 12 years experience within creative manipulation for advertising, architecture, weddings and modelling portfolio’s, We take professional, retouching services to a whole new level.

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We cater for everyone, whether the site is for personal or business intent.   We design and develop quality WordPress and E-Commerce websites, that are search engine optimised, great looking and user friendly.

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We provide a range of motion services such as motion graphics, video editing and CGI.  Projects have ranged from title sequences, green-screen compositing and showreel compilation.   

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Print, Web and Motion

Car Photography & Retouch

Successful Business man and super car enthusiast; Kevin Brown contacted the Yellowfont team with hope to create a masterpiece canvas that included all of his cars outside his beautiful home.

Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

The idea was to create a range of mountains, with each representing a season of the year. This was accentuated by the use of colour and images that define the desired season.

Make Something Happen

Our design team created a montage within the background of the banner, that included a range of recognisable landmarks of each university's surrounding area.


Our designers utilised a range of photo manipulation tools, to bend a single image of rope, into a creative title that accentuated the genre.

European Travellers

Our design team was approached by bangor university with hope of creating a retro poster that accentuates an exciting new project.

Here Be Monsters

The concept was to accentuate the magical qualities of the book the children are fighting over. The effect was achieved by transforming background objects such as lamposts, buildings, sky and postboxes into monster-like creatures.


Up and coming author B.E. Avis required a stylistic, retro book cover that complemented his latest release; 'Abduction.

Dragons Junior Academy

Our photography and retouch team worked on this project from start to finish, creating a series of visually exciting banners, that accentuates the colours and theme of both the Newport Gwent Dragons and Coleg Gwent brand.

The Sound Of Musicals

The retouch team decided to work on an interesting idea of including a range of musical instruments that accurately depicted the 'musical' genre.

Mariah Huq

Married to Medicine star Mariah Huq "Queen Bee" approached our team with hope of retouching two images to elicit a vibrant, fairytale appearance.


The idea for the poster was to incorporate a fighter inside an octagon to accentuate the mixed martial arts genre of the event. However, main concept was to give the illusion that the cage was situated on top of a tall Welsh mountain, adjacent to Castle Coch (Caerphilly) and Big Pit (Blaenavon).

Rock It 2013

Award winning rock and roll band Red Alert, required a modern poster that accentuated the 'Back to the Future' theme.

Me and My Girl

After recently winning the design Award for ‘Broadway & Hollywood’, STC Musical Society were on their next […]

VOK Uprising 3

Our photography team were able to capture some reactive poses prior to the fire manipulation of the character. Consequently the composition of the two proved to be a very powerful image.

Boathouse Retouch

YellowFont retouch team transformed the 3D renders, producing some inspiring compositions.

Best Of British

STC Musical Society granted us with the pleasure with working on the fifth project together, 'Best Of British'. The concept behind this event was to deliver a poster that appeared patriotic but with a modern twist.

VOK Uprising 2

Since the Uprising poster had great feedback we decided that it would be a good idea to keep the design similar so that the event could be instantly recognized.

Fiddler On The Roof

We had great pleasure in working with STC Musical Society on yet another consecutive project, 'Broadway and Hollywood'.

Pritchard vs Dainton

Matthew Pritchard and Lee Dainton are the co founders of MTV's smash hit show Dirty Sanchez and also the hugely successful PritchardVsDainton live stage act that they are currently touring world wide.


Working with photographer Corey Reese our retouch team worked on a series of ideas and posters to pitch to leading sports company, Nike.

Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust

Our retouch team was delighted to undertake this project and was keen to start applying the horror effects that accurately depicted the movie.

Honey Fizz

Non-surgical cosmetic company 'Honey Fizz' required large banners and lever arch folders designed, so that they could convey their brand during cosmetic conventions.

VOK Uprising

This concept was primarily to capture a visually exciting fight pose that is used in conjunction with the fight venue i.e. Cardiff city

Broadway & Hollywood

After winning the NOVA award for best programme for Hollywood & Broadway STC Musical Society asked us to work on the forth project, 'Fiddler on the Roof'.

The Guns

Using similar poses and a composite into a war setting, we were able to create a poster that appeared visually exciting and have direct correlation to the brand.

Phoenix White

Using a number of image manipulation techniques we were able to give the impression that Phoenix's limbs were connected using a series of Hydraulics, pneumatics and cables.


With a series of urban styled images shot by photographer Corey Reese, our design team selected one with the most dynamic pose, and created two differently themed posters, that captures the identity of the Diesel brand.

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Yes, you got that right! We have awesome skill! We are an award-winning, high-end, Creative Production Studio, that offer a complete range of design services for digital productions. 
We are based in the United Kindgom and are renowned for our creative and technical expertise in digital manipulation. We are able to visualise and deliver custom campaigns accross print, web and interactive media.
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